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Farmers Leap

Farmer's Leap
7 September 2015 | Farmer's Leap

Random Shot Moscato... just in time for spring!

We blended up around 70% Orange Muscat, which just like its name suggests offered up characters of orange, both in aromas and taste. The remaining 30% is made up from Muscat à Petit Grain, a little grape that has been around since the Ancient Greek were making wine, and considered one of the oldest varieties still in existence. In Australia this is most commonly used to make dense, sticky, fortified wines but when made into a light sparkling drop it shows hints of melon and citrus.

So why did we wait until 2015 to bring this drop to life? Well it was a perfect vintage for Moscato. Nice and dry, we saw little rainfall throughout winter, spring and summer. The grapes ripened early, but the vines maintained good canopies – translation, no disease pressure, and plenty of time for the sweetness, flavours and natural acidity to develop.

To make sure we stayed pure to the fruit, we fermented the wines under cool conditions. This helps preserve the aromatics, while keeping the perfect balance. The other upside to a cool ferment means alcohol stays low, so you can have an extra splash without the worry! This year’s Moscato comes in at just 6.5% alcohol!

So what does it taste like? Well it’s everything we could have hoped for. Aromatic, with rose and citrus blossom, the palate has a light spritz, sweet spice and bright, summer stone fruit. The glass finishes with a fresh, crisp finish thanks to the natural acidity. It’s a truly luscious, fruity, bubbly drink, ready to drink in the sun, or as the perfect aperitif to match fresh finger food.

Looking to spice it up even more? Follow in our winemaker Renae’s footsteps and make yourself a little “Ginscato” – simply Gin with our Random Shot Moscato used as the mixer, topped with a slice of lime and perhaps a little mint.

Looking to really impress? Check out our favourite Gourmet Traveller recipe that conveniently calls for half a bottle of Moscato – leaving half the bottle for the chef and co to enjoy while the jelly sets! (Yeah, the recipe calls for pink Moscato, but ours works just as well, trust us).

The 2015 Random Shot Moscato is available now online for $16.95, and we ship Australia wide for free so pop in your order and wait for the sun to shine! 


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